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John Chapter 20

And that he had _____ these things unto her.
As the Father hath sent me, even so ____ I you.
And ____ my hand into his side, I will not believe.
Peter therefore went forth, and that other ____,
But ____ together in a place by itself.
Then the same day at _____,
But Thomas, one of the _____,
And that believing ye might have life through his ____.
And seeth the stone taken away from the _____.
For as yet they knew not the _____,
Jesus saith unto her, ____ me not;
Whose soever sins ye _____,
She, supposing him to be the _____,
_____ are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.
And the _____, that was about his head,
And he saw, and ______.
And seeth two ____ in white sitting,
Jesus is the _____,
Then the disciples went away again unto their own ____.
And many other ____ did Jesus
And after ____ days again his disciples were within,
My ____ and my God.
Which is to say, _____.
And be not ____, but believing.
He ____ unto them his hands and his side.
And saith unto them, _____ ye the Holy Ghost:
And when he had said this, he _____ on them,
And they ran both ______:
But Mary stood without at the sepulchre _____:
For I am not yet _____ to my Father:
Then cometh Simon Peter _____ him,
_____ be unto you.
But go to my _____, and say unto them,
And knew not that it was _____.
We have ____ the Lord.
The ____ day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene
Woman,why _____ thou?
Then she ____, and cometh to Simon Peter,
She stooped down, and ____ into the sepulchre,
And saw the linen clothes _____: