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LBJ National Historical Park Crossword #3

The way Johnson persuaded other politicians to be on his side was called what?
What was the original Johnson City Visitor Center building used as?
What county is the Johnson Settlement in?
In the 1964 Presidential election, which Senator did LBJ defeat?
What year was the LBJ Ranch established, originally the Martin Ranch?
What is “Ladybird” Johnson’s first name?
What was LBJ’s only brother’s name?
What branch of the military did Johnson serve in?
What is the name of the white dog the Johnsons rescued?
How many bills did Johnson submit to Congress while president?
How old was LBJ when he died?
Whose command post can be found next to the Hangar at the Ranch?
How many TVs did Johnson have in his living room at the Texas White House?
What historical vehicle was known for its ability to prepare food while on the trail?
Johnson is one of how many people who have served in all four federal elected positions?
Who was LBJ vice-president for?
What month was LBJ born in?
What chapter of the Bible does LBJ’s favorite verse come from?
What was the last name of LBJ’s first teacher?
How many terms did Johnson serve in the House?