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Dog Advocacy

Discover Camp @Home Week One
Animal advocates lobby government to create ____that protect dogs.
Another basic need of a dog.
An organization that helps animals in your community.
These shot prevent dogs from getting sick.
When there are more dogs than there are homes available.
The best way to add a new pup to your family.
Someone who has dogs for sale
An organization that helps pets find a new home.
______is when a person gives up an animal that they can no longer care for.
This type of breeder does not belong to a pedigree organization.
This keeps dogs safe on a walk.
______ training techniques are used to encourage behaviors that you WANT your dog to do.
The mistreatment of animals.
This is the organization that helps lost animals and enforces animal safety laws
A program that helps provide pet food for families in need.
The surgery that prevents male dogs from reproducing.
A breeding operation where dogs are bred in inhumane conditions.
What every dog wants.
A medical professional that provides care to animals.
These type of dogs are registered and their family history is known.
Another basic need of a dog.
Sending animals from an area with a low adoption rate to an area with a high adoption rate.
One basic need of a dog.
The surgery that prevents female dogs from having babies.