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Communications Chapter 11

Student: Hannah Aley
The quality by which one individual directs or influences the thoughts and the behaviors of others
The tendency of people to exert less effort when in a group than they would if working individually
Approach to leadership that emphasizes that the leader's style must vary on the basis of the specific situation
Approach to leadership that argues that leaders must possess certain qualities if they're to function effectively
Approach to leadership that views the leader as one who elevates the group's members
The part an individual plays in a group, an individual's function or expected behavior
Group leader who determines group policies or makes decisions without consulting or securing agreement from group members
Style of leadership in which the leader gives both task guidance and emotional support
Approach to leadership that focuses on what the leader should do in a given situation
A list of the items that a small group must deal with in the order in which they should be covered
Group leader who stimulates self-direction and self-actualization on the part of the group members
Behavior in groups that is usually dysfunctional and works against a sense of groupness
Leader takes no initiative in directing or suggesting alternative courses of action
A tendency observed in some groups in which agreement among members becomes more important than the exploration of the issues at hand
Group roles that help the group focus more specifically on achieving its goals
Style of leadership that focuses almost exclusively on the task
Style of leadership in which the leader facilitates and encourages group members
Leader who is not appointed but rather "emerges" during the group process
Style of leadership in which the leader observes but doesn't provide much direction or support
Content analysis method that classifies messages into four general categories