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Dogs !

These dogs are small, stocky, wrinkly, and were beloved by the ancient Emperors of China.
These dogs have very short legs compared to their body, They have lots of energy and are sometimes called weiner dogs.
These are herding dogs. Lassie was the most famous.
These are the smallest sporting spaniels. In "Lady & the Tramp," Lady was this breed.
These dogs are excellent at tracking people. Disney's Pluto was one.
These are thought of as "French" and often have strange haircuts.
These are "gentle giants," and may be found in the Swiss Alps carrying brandy to freezing climbers.
These dogs are long-legged and lean; they run races.
This is a tiny dog who gets its name from the Mexican State where it originated.
These stocky hounds are short-legged and sturdy with an excellent ability to follow a scent.
These hounds are small and friendly. Snoopy is the most famous.
Zachary and Zoe's Bailey!
These dogs are distinctively spotted -- and may be seen riding in fire trucks.
A comination of different breeds. You find these dogs in all shapes and sizes at dog rescue places.
These are sturdy and muscular dogs with a wrinkled face. The UGA mascot is one.