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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The Father of Our Country
Nickname for soldiers fighting the Union troops in the Civil War
The soldiers had little to eat and became very _____
A South American Indian with a well developed cullture
A mighty empire surrounding the Mediterranean Sea
You are, I _____
A short name for a person who fought the colonies in the Revolutionary War
Not you, but _____
Shortened first name for an honest president
You compare the size of the army by the ____ of its soldiers
What was used to acquire the Louisiana Purchase
Slang word for military prisons
This bird probably watched the Battle of New Orleans in 1812
Not he, not she, but ____
A scout will do this to the horizon to see if the enemy is near
They fought with sabers
Nickname for the Missouri River, the Big ___
Cities have been named after this man who became famous in 1492
They are not from this country. They are ____.
First part of Santa's laugh
When the sun is directly overhead. Not a good time for battle.
What the soldiers did when they retreated
An honest president wouldn't do this
Cavalry went into battle on these
A response to the enemy's charge
The "Conqueror"! Also your ancestor.
Cadets in the military learn that this is very important
Washington's surprise crossing of the Delaware came at this time
Number of colonies at the start of the Revolutionary War
The "Conqueror's" army was made up of these people. The name means north men.
So many arrows from the English archers came down like ____!
People who gave secrets away to the enemy ______ traitors
Immigrants to our country want to be ________.
Mr. Franklin
A frontiersman who lead the settlement of Kentucky.
Indians sometimes shot arrows to do this to a frontier fort
____? I can't hear you!
An old English word for you
A container for holding liquid
As a tank commander, he _____ into battle
A nickname for the sun
Better have a lot of this before going into battle
Our ally during the Revolutionary War
A famous general who wore a toga and became an emperor
This helps a spy see at night as he lurks around
Another word for a map.
The name of the army that fought the Rebs
Most soldiers are really young. Many people call them this.
Put this in front of some words to say the opposite
Abbreviation for the United States
Letter after s, missing an e
Second part of Santa's laugh