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Chemical Relaxing

__ thioglocolate is another name for thio relaxer
Doesn't need protective layer
Strength used on normal texture and medium curl
Weakest part of curly hair
Hair that grows in spirals is
Strength used on coarse and resistant hair
Avoid this
Relaxing hair to a body wave and then styling
Process of taking curly hair and straightening permanently
Strength used on fine, damaged, or color treated hair
Always apply this to the hairline
Guanidine hydroxide is for this type of scalp
Put back moisture
Another name for sodium hydroxide
Relinks bonds
Perm to make kinky curly hair more manageable
Needs protective layer
If not used properly this can test or dissolve hair
During chemical relaxing hair tends to
Used on kinky curly hair
When to wear gloves for chemical relaxer
__ hydroxide is less irritating
10-14ph, also known as sodium hydroxide
Used on already permed hair