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Dr. Niara Sudarkasa: Madam President

One of the West African countries where Yoruba is spoken
One of the Bachelor of Arts degrees I earned from Oberlin College (the other was anthropology)
The state where I was born
My first journey to Africa by ship started here
This magazine named me "Educator of the 1990s"
I started college at this college in Nashville, Tennessee at 14 years old
I spent 6 months studying Yoruba language and culture here
My maternal grandparents emigrated to the United States from this Caribbean country
I was awarded this many honorary degrees in my career
This Nigerian kingdom made me a chief in 2001
My son who is an attorney and economic development specialist
I was the first woman president at this historically Black college
I was the first African American woman to teach at this university
This high school that I attended was the only one in my home town to educate Black children
I earned a Ph.D. in this West African language
I was the first Black woman to earn tenure at this university