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Indo Ocean Project - Science of Diving - Physiology
Can Happen In Shallow Water To Freedivers
If You Feel Pain on Descent
Oxygen ______ - Risk This When Exceeding PO2 of 1.4
That Fuzzy Feeling at Depth
Any Pressure Related Injury
The Most Serious Lung Overexpansion (8,3,8)
Can Be Fast or Slow
Lungs, Ears, Mask and ____ (Body Dead Air Spaces)
Part of Ear Most Effected By Pressure
No Decompression ______, Designed to Keep You Safe
Types of Decompression Sickness
Collapsed Lung
Colour of Lips Symptom of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (6,3)
Temperature Drop in Hyothermia (4,4)
Minimise The Likelihood of DCI (6,4)
Deprived of Oxygen
Air Collecting in The Chest - _______ Emphysema
Prevent That Pressure Effect
Present in Heat Exhaustion, Absent in Heat Stroke
Administer This To Any DCI Patient