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Some Like It Hot

Curtis' high-pitched Josephine voice was given help by this voice over artist (2 words)
South American dance style that keeps Daphne and Osgood up all night
Johnny Paradise, or this famous gangster actor's son (3 words)
Billy Wilder's first choice for Jerry/Daphne, aka Ol' Blue Eyes (2 words)
SOME LIKE IT HOT topped this organization's "100 Years...100 Laughs" list (3 words)
SOME LIKE IT HOT gangster named after this footwear accessory
SOME LIKE IT HOT's famous last words (2 words)
"I Wanna Be Loved By You" was written originally for this 1928 musical (2 words)
Monroe's black dress turned up for appraisal on this traveling PBS show (2 words)
Namesake holiday of historical gangland massacre (3 words)
The film's only Oscar win was in this category (2 words)
Monroe plays this Hawaiian instrument in the film
Curtis' millionaire voice is modeled on this star (2 words)
Joe poses as the heir to this company's fortune (2 words)
In 1972 the film was adapted into this Broadway play, also Ms. Kane's first name