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#MuseumGames Crossword 6/14/2020

Colds that last a long time
Museums tend to put things on a ___.
This future member of the Group of Seven was wounded at the Battle of Mount Sorrel in June 1916 and later served as an official war artist from 1917 to 1919. The Canadian War Museum has more.
The ocean around Cape Canaveral became known as "_____-infested waters" during the 1950s due to guidance system issues of this Air Force pilotless bomb tested there. Learn more at the Air Force Space & Missile Museum.
Shimmel Zohar, a mythical 19th-century Jewish immigrant, founded Zohar Studios, whose work in THIS MEDIUM created an idiosyncratic vision of Victorian life in the United States. Learn more at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.
Which Walter taught at King Edward Seventh School and died in a motorcycle accident on Saturday Market Place in Kings Lynn? Learn more at the Lynn Museum.
Common in Historic Houses
Natural History collection object
Gallery ___
Eponymous pictograph that represents Canada's only known written record of Treaty promises from the viewpoint of the Indigenous people. Learn more at Royal Saskatchewan Museum.
Middle school homework or natural history museum regular
Not Big, but important, is what you'd call Allentown Art Museum's Frank Lloyd Wright Library from this family.
Often seen atop 1 across
Starry Nights during the day
What is the name given to a medieval ground (street-level) cellar or storage room, often brick-lined and vaulted, one of which is Stories of Lynn?
Line Marker
The hippocampus, which plays an important role in long-term memory, is shaped like a ___. Learn more at the Franklin Institute.
This painter’s last name means “beautiful.” The Georgia Museum of Art can give you a hint.
What flower is on the unusually prominent high hooded canopy over the doorway at Ancient House? Learn more at Ancient House Museum of Thetford Life
Group of talking heads or non-art wall hanging