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Indo Ocean Project - Science of Diving - General Skills & Environment
The James Bond Entry (4,4)
Type of Observations You Should Do With Marine Life
Required For Night Diving
Objects Appear How Much Larger In Water Than in Air (6,5)
Special Forests Bridging The Land & Sea
Safety Stop Depth in Metres
________ Marker Buoy
Make Sure You Get This Done At An Authorised Shop (4,4)
Current Running Parallel to Shore (9,5)
Travels Approximately 4 Times Faster in Water Than Air
No Backbone
Animals Inflict Injury As What Kind of Behaviour
Elasmobranchs Consist of _____ & ______ (6,4)
Check To Find Your Perfect Weighting
Start Deep, Get Shallower (5,5)
In Case of Emergency; Stop, Think & _____
Type of Diving Above 300m
Use These To Help Search For Something Lost
A Good One Makes Your Dive Safer & More Enjoyable
Primary Producer of The Ocean
The Most Hated Fish Of Them All
Know Where You Are on A Dive & Where You Are Going
The Model is Decompression Theory Based On
Is 0 at 0m, 1 at 10m, 2 at 20m (5,8)
If You Stick With Your Buddy You Should Never Have One Of These Divers
Doppler Ultrasound Detects These Bubbles
_______ Doesn't Look Like _______ & Requires A Rescue (Same Word)
Make Sure Your Gauges & Other Equipment Is _____ Before Getting In
The Other Dive Flag