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VFA-41 History and Trivia

In 1981, the Black Aces won the ___________, winning again in 1985 and 1989.
On October 8, 2001, VF-41 attacked several _______ complexes.
In 1962, VF-41 transitioned to the F-4B ___________ II.
By January 2010, VFA-41 had flown over 2,500 combat hours in 400 combat missions supporting ______________________.
On October 18, 2002, four VFA-41 aviators were killed by a _________________ off the coast of California.
In 1999, VF-41 won the RADM _________________ Award, previously only given to A-6 and F/A 18 units.
VF-41 adopted the slogan _______________________ in recognition of being the first F-14 squadron to score air-to-air kills and drop bombs in combat.
As the carrier headed home from their April 2001 cruise, they were given order to head to the ______________ after the September 11, 2001 Attacks, and carried out several TARPS missions near the Pakistani/Afghani-border.
On September 5, 1995, two VF-41 F-14As dropped _______________________ for the first time in combat during Operation Deliberate Force.
In 1959, the Banshee was replaced by the F3H-2 _____________.
In the 1940s, the "Fighting Forty-One" flew the F4U-4 _____________.
In the 1950s after being decommissioned for a short period, the Black Aces were recommissioned at ____________.
During 1981-1982 workups for a Mediterranean cruise, an EA-6B Prowler crashed on the deck of the Nimitz resulting in three F-14s destroyed, 45 injured sailors, and 14 casualties, with VF-41 losing _________ shipmates.
In August 1981 during a routine combat air patrol mission over the Gulf of Sidra, two ________ SU-22 ________ aircraft were shot down by Black Aces aircraft, marking the first Navy air combat confrontation since the Vietnam War and first ever for the F-14A Tomcat.
In 1985, VF-41 spent 68 days off the coast of _____________ in response to the hijacking of TWA Flight 847.
In September 1979, the Black Aces embarked on the Tomcat's first cruise as part of CVW-8 on the ______________.
In 1953, the Black Aces began flying the F2H-3 ______________.
In 1962, VF-41 made a special deployment to _____________ during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
By late 1991, VF-41 had flown over 46,500 hours without an ____________ over a period of 11 years.
In 2008, VFA-41 began trading in their Lot 26 F/A-18Fs for Lot 30 jets fitted with _______ radar technology.
On December 28, 1990, VF-41 embarked on Theodore Roosevelt to support _______________________.
In 1980, Nimitz and VF-41 took part in a round the Horn cruise serving as the seaborne base in response to the _______________________, spending 144 continuous days at sea, the longest sea period for them since World War II.
In May 2005, VFA-41 was featured in the PBS documentary ______________ with a heavy focus on Commander David Fravor.
In late 2001, VF-41 transitioned to the F/A-18F ______________ and was redesignated VFA-41.
In 1953, the Black Aces deployed to the Mediterranean and Far East aboard the ______________.
One of the first targets after the 9/11 attacks was the ______________________ in western Afghanistan, where the Taliban were storing aircraft, radar, and vehicles.
In 1976, VF-41 transitioned to the __________.