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F/A-18F Super Hornet History and Trivia

The Super Hornet has _____________ percent additional thrust over most of the aircraft's flight envelope, as compared to the legacy model.
The first Super Hornet upgraded with the ______________ (JHMCS) was delivered to VFA-213 on 18 May 2007.
The Super Hornet's ______________ is approximately 15,300 pounds.
The F/A-18F's ______________ is approximately 13,500 pounds.
The Super Hornet is ____ feet tall, approximately _____ feet long, with a wingspan of nearly _____ feet.
The Super Hornet replaced the ___________ F-14 Tomcat, which retired in 2006.
On typical missions, ___________ of the airwing is dedicated to the tanker role.
The Super Hornet's ______________ (ARS) includes an external 330 gallon tank with hose reel on the centerline, along with four external 480 gallon tanks and internal tanks, for a total of 28,000 pounds of fuel on the aircraft.
The Super Hornet's ______________ is Mach 1.8 at 40,000 feet.
The "bringback" for the Super Hornet is in excess of ______________ pounds.
The Super Hornet's _____________ is 35,000 pounds.
The F/A-18F aircraft is manufactured by ____________.
The Super Hornet has an internal 20 mm M61 ______________and can carry air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons.
The Super Hornet's ______________ is 50,000 feet.
The Super Hornet has a quadruplex digital __________ system.
In support of ______________, VFA-14, VFA-41, and VFA-115 flew close air support, strike, escort, SEAD, and aerial refueling sorties.
Compared to the F/A-18C/D models, the Super Hornet's fuselage was stretched _____________ inches to make room for fuel and future avionics upgrades and increased the wing area by ____________ percent.
The AESA radar can detect small targets, such as ______________.
Block II Super Hornets were fitted with _______ radar, capable of executing simultaneous air-to-air and air-to-surface attacks, and providing higher quality high-resolution ground mapping at long standoff ranges.
In 2003, the Navy identified a flaw present in the ___________ across the Super Hornet fleet.
The Super Hornet achieved initial operating capability (IOC) in September 2001 with VFA-115 in _________, CA, which was also the first unit to take them into combat.
The Super Hornet is informally referred to as the "Rhino," a nickname earlier used by the F-4 __________ II, which was retired from the fleet in 1987.