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All About Ss. Peter & Paul

The two greatest figures of the early Church were Ss. Peter and Paul. Let's see how much you know about them.
When he was put to death, St. Paul's head did this three time.
Month in which we celebrate Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul
St. Paul first encountered Jesus on the road to what city?
St. Peter's name in Latin is Petrus, in Greek Cephas -- both names mean _____.
In St. Paul's first encounter with the Lord, Jesus said "Saul, Saul, why do you ____ me."
Former Catholic Holy Day: August 1 - St. Peter in ____.
St. Paul's original name
According to Acts 13:9, this island was the first place where St. Paul was in fact referred to by the name "Paul"
The helper of St. Peter busting out of jail.
U.S. State whose capital city is named for St. Paul.
Color worn at Mass on Solemnity of Ss. Peter and Paul
St. Paul journeyed far and wide to do this
Small Mediterranean island visited by St. Paul
Jesus famously healed St. Peter's __________.
Name of St. Peter before Christ named him Peter.
St. Peter was the first ____
St. Peter was twice arraigned, with St. John, before what ancient Jewish judicial body?
Roman Emperor who commission the building of St. Peter's Basilica
Common name given to the writings of St. Paul
Pope St. Clement I identifies St. Paul as a "_____ of the Gospel."
St. Peter's pre-Apostle occupation
When St. Paul encountered Jesus, he was thrown from his _____.
Before going to Rome, St. Peter founded the Church (Diocese) in ______.
St. Paul wrote one of his letters to St. _____.
St. Paul wrote one of his letters to St. _____
Category related to Ss. Peter and Paul
Manner in which St. Paul was executed by Roman authorities
St. Paul visited Jerusalem with St. ______.
The first one was in Jerusalem with Ss. Peter and Paul; the most recent was in the Vatican led by Pope Paul VI.
St. Paul's pre-Apostle occupation
St. Peter infamously did this to Christ thrice.
St. Peter's brother
Country whose capital city was once a city named for St. Peter
Catholic Holy Day: February 22 - The ____ of St. Peter
Jesus was able to do this with no problem, St. Peter could only do it for a few moments.
Travel problem St. Paul encountered during one of his missionary journeys in the Mediterranean Sea.
Said to be the furthest west area visited by St. Paul during his missionary journeys.
The ______ of St. Paul and St. Peter are celebrated by the Church on November 18.
On January 25 we celebrate this event from the life of St. Paul
Emperor of Rome at the time of the arrest, persecution and death of Ss. Peter and Paul.
Jesus gave these to St. Peter as a sign of his authority
St. Paul called these people "stupid"
Category related to Ss. Peter and Paul
Manner in which St. Peter was said to have been crucified by Roman authorities.
In our Diocese, Ss. Peter and Paul Parish is located in _____.
In the Orthodox faith, St. Peter is honored with the title of Holy ____ Director.
St. Peter cut off this man's ear during a melee at the start of Christ's Passion.
Jesus washed the ____ of St. Peter, though St. Peter initially objected.
Ss. Peter and Paul were put to death in what city?
Short-form name of the book of the Bible wherein St. Paul is first mentioned.