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Paths of Glory

Number of Oscars won by Kubrick
Screenwriter Calder Willingham also co-wrote this 1967 Mike Nichols film (two words)
Kubrick's final film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (3 words)
Kubrick began his career as a photographer for this LIFE magazine rival publication
WWI era term for PTSD (two words)
Unoccupied space between opposing armies (three words)
PATHS OF GLORY was an influence on this seminal HBO crime drama (2 words)
Home for insects, or a strategic German position in PATHS OF GLORY (2 words)
Hand-dug fortifications used by WWI soldiers (plural)
Author of PATHS OF GLORY novel (two words)
PATHS OF GLORY and SPARTACUS leading man (two words)
Film genre frequently explored by Kubrick