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LBJ National Historical Park Crossword #4

How many children did LBJ and Ladybird have?
How did President Johnson die?
What was LBJ’s Military rank?
What year in the 1900’s did LBJ die?
What piece of furniture in the Texas White house can you find "This is my ranch and I can do as I damn please." written on it?
What was the name of the airplane LBJ did not end up going on during WW2, by accident, that ended up blowing up?
In what month did LBJ begin his Presidency?
How old was President Johnson when he became inaugurated?
How many miles is the driving loop on the LBJ Ranch?
What type of hat did Johnson always throw into the crowds at his rallies?
What was Ladybird’s maiden name?
What creek runs under the bridge to enter the Settlement in Johnson City?
What was the name of the female Beagle the Johnsons had?
What Senate position did LBJ serve and he is still the youngest person to serve in that position?
What town in Texas was Johnson’s first teaching job in?
How many inches tall was LBJ?
How old was LBJ when he joined Congress?
What war was President Johnson in the White House for?
The “B.” in LBJ is what?
Who was Johnson's Secretary of State during his term in office?