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Hamilton Civic Museums

Test your knowledge of Hamilton with Hamilton Civic Museums!
This Hamilton Museum houses an exhibit that celebrates the history of Ancaster?
The person who opened Battlefield Monument might have worn one of these.
The name of this museum means "Fort on the Water".
A feature of one of the galleries at the Hamilton Children's Museum.
The name of the Gates that were relocated from Dundas to Dundurn Park.
This Civil and Power Engineering landmark was built in 1859.
What the male servants at Dundurn might have slept on.
This Knight lived in a castle in Hamilton. 3 words
The former name of the schooner with the same name as our City.
Her middle name and what she preferred to be called. See 29 across
The family who bequethed Fieldcote to the City.
This Museum is housed in Dundurn Castle's former gate house. 4 words
The Sally ____ was built by the British in 1813 and remains intact in the basement of Dundurn Castle.
The first name of the McQuesten Family member who suffered from Mental Illness.
MacNab's family came from this country.
The name of one of the War of 1812 shipwrecks owned by the City.
This Dundurn space is now a unique rental venue.
Sophia MacNab's sister's nickname.
Shortform for the underwater technology that captured the first images of the War of 1812 shipwrecks.
The current name of the building that houses The Hamilton Military Museum. 2 words
In which Park is the Hamilton Children's Museum located?
The first name of the person believed to have notified the British that the Americans were camped at Stoney Creek.
Where did the male servants at Dundurn Castle sleep?
Battlefield Park was this for more than 100 years.
Which Hamilton Museum invites young visitors to engage with interactive, hands-on galleries?
The first name of the woman who worked as a cook at Whitehern for 22 years.
The Monarch who opened Battlefield Monument in Stoney Creek in 1913. 2 words
The popular Re-enactment of the Battle of Stoney Creek takes place on the first weekend of this month
This, kept by Sophia MacNab, helped to interpret the lives of the MacNab Family.
The first name of a former Dundurn Castle resident who married the Earl of Albermarle in 1855.
Where the re-enactors of the Battle of Stoney Creek live.
Six City-owned cultural assets boast this Canadian designation. 3 words
The name of Allan MacNab's Gardener. 2 words
Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall is this Museum’s Patron.
The last name of the Engineer that built Hamilton's first Waterworks.
The name of the Indigenous public artwork installed in Battlefield Park in 2014. 3 words
The first name of the person who lived at Whitehern and founded Royal Botanical Gardens.
The last name of the person responsible for the construction of Battlefield Monument in 1913.
This style of garden provided fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs for the occupants of Dundurn Castle.
Three generations of this family lived at Whitehern Historic House & Garden.
The last name of this early Black settler is this Museum's namesake.
The first name of the Gage Family member that married Mary Davis in 1796.
The 'other' shipwreck. See 32 across.
Which epidemic did Hamilton's first Waterworks combat.
The first name of three matriarchs that lived in Dundurn Castle, Whitehern and Battlefield House.
Visitors discover more than forty of these during a tour of Dundurn Castle.
The Family that retreated to their cellar while the Battle of Stoney Creek raged outside.
The number of 70-ton water-pumping engines in Hamilton's first Waterworks.