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London Bridge History

__________ purchased the London Bridge in 1968
The London Bridge originally stood over this body of water
The London Bridge is made of _________.
The first head to appear on the bridge's southern gateway between 1305 and 1660
Here you can find a live view of the London Bridge
The London Bridge now stands over the _____________.
Thousands of these feathery creatures nest on the London Bridge
Re-dedication of the newly reconstructed bridge occurred during what month?
London Bridge's country of origin
Designed in 1799 by Scottish engineer ____________, the "New" London Bridge was completed in 1831.
Hundreds of bats call the London Bridge home, which means
To learn more about the London Bridge, you should take one of these.
The inside of the bridge is _______ because it was rebuilt in order to accommodate auto traffic.
Contrary to popular belief, McCulloch was not under the impression that he was purchasing the ________________.
To welcome visitors and support the sale of residential lots in the new city, McCulloch Properties also built the ______________.
Lake Havasu City sits comfortably on the eastern shore of Lake Havasu along the ____________.
ornate lampposts made from the melted-down cannons captured by the British from Napoleon's army, after the Battle of ______________.
The granite bricks of the bridge were shipped through the ______________.
What US city was the dismantled bridge shipped to?
The London Bridge's new home