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Neck Muscles and Concepts 1

Do this first to prepare muscles
Do this before class
Most superficial upper back muscle
The type of abduction or adduction a cat would do to wipe a coffee table clean
Not moving
We affect muscle tone thru this
Clients may experience this after a session
Depresses the shoulders
Closer to the body
Rotation caused by lower trap
Above another part
Upper trap causes a temporal one
Do this on yourself and consenting others
Lack of blood flow to an area
Avoid triggering this reflex
The most discomfort acceptable
Location of rhomboid minor, also part of a tree
Common fashion accessory and potential cause of upper trap pain
Opposite of what rhomboids do
When a structure irritates a nerve
The process of talking to a client before the massage
Common fashion accessory and potential cause of neck pain
The intensity we work at is determined by the client's _________
Vertebral projections the rhomboids start at
Lower trap hangs on to this
The border of the scapula that is the distal attachment of rhomboids
Part of traps that causes temporal referral pain
Do this multiple times before a test
Below another part
Further from the body
Not oil or cream