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Neck Muscles and Concepts 2

Insertion of the splenii muscles
Origin of the splenii muscles
Towards the opposite sie
Processes similar to Frankenstein's monster's bolts in location
Attaches to the root of the scapula
Unilaterally rotates ispilaterally
Muscles that causes a temporal headache
SCM attaches to the medial part of this
Both sides
C1 is the ______ TP
Action of SCM on the skull
Top part of the sternum
Forehead pain that can be caused by SCM
Towards the midline
Contraction of the LEFT SCM causes a rotation in this direction
Main portion of the sternum
Shares attachment with splenius cervicis
C7 is the most prominent one
Pain in the top of the head that can be caused by SCM
C7 is the _____ SP
Bone the mastoid process is located on
Away from the midline
Process of the inferior sternum
How levator scapula makes your neck feel