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Rotator Cuff Muscles

Client's ability to comfortably receive and recover from a session
Another name for the anterior side
Total number of rotator cuff muscles
Movement assisted by teres minor
AKA: Intertubercular groove
Where the bicipital groove is located on the humerus
Sometimes funny, usually a bone
Another name for clavicle
Painful injury to the shoulder joint
What 3 muscles share in common as origins
Also known as the wing bone
How many rotator cuff muscles attach on the lesser tubercle
Movement assisted by infraspinatus
Attachment of three rotator cuff muscles
Does not rotate, but its friends do
Common painful rotator cuff injury
Where most rotator cuff muscles are found
Four muscles of the shoulder
Good friends with teres minor
Side of the scapula where you can find the subscapularis