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Back Muscles

Lats do this at the shoulder
Teres major has this in common with subscapularis
Iliocostalis is the most ______ erector muscle
Relationship of the QL to the iliocostal muscle
Works with teres and lats, sometimes
Muscles that create that "V" shape
Internal portion of this is where QL hangs out
Named for lower attachment
Another name for the QL
Side bending created when one side of the erectors contracts
Spinalis, longissimus, and iliocostalis, collectively
Teres minor has this in common with infraspinatus
Synergist to Lats
Teres major and lat action at the humerus
Not a part of the rotator cuff
Relative depth of the lats in the lower back
Another name for the action of QL
The lats are the most ______ back muscle.
The 12th one is an attachment for QL
The most medial erector
A great position for accessing the QL