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Hip and Hamstrings

90s band, also helps remember the order of hamstrings
Get this before you touch or expose the hip
Doing this would be a mistake
Movement caused by the piriformis when the hip is flexed
The client should see this person if the pain does not improve or has alarming symptoms
Deep and medial
Piriformis originates here
Attachment of gluteus maximus
Most superficial glute muscle
Attachment of semitendinosus
Gluteus medius attachment
Reason for working glutes and hamstrings
Using sheets to maintain client modesty
Alternative position
A modality that pairs well with NMT and helps you do your job more easily
Used to wash hands and document
Most powerful extensor of the hip
Normal movement of piriformis at the hip
Potential side effect of treatment
Tightness of this muscle can irritate the sciatic nerve
Movement by semi-tendinosus of the hip
Another attachment of maximus
Origin of the long head of the biceps femoris muscle
Where trigger points live that can cause a sciatic-like referral pain
Place one of these under the hips if prone position causes low back pain
Write this above a mistake