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John's Puzzler #13

The Civil War's Battle of Bull Run was also known as this
Wimbledon Tennis Tourney staple, Strawberries & _____
"The _____ ____", Denny's combo platter first served in 1977 (2 words)
Rack and ______ steering
A group of geese
Midwest U.S. city, the first ever to host a rock music concert
Triangle type
Harley-Davidson choppers nickname
"What's the best tuna?" (4 words)
American paper currency is made from a blend of cotton and _____
Most commonly broken human bone
Infamous French pirate
American sports stadium, the country's second completely indoor facility
The last man to walk on the Moon
Light blue shade
This gas inflates car air bags
French impressionist painter
Candy bar purportedly named in honor of President Grover Cleveland's daughter (2 words)
Alabama river delta city
Nearly half of these U.S. military honors were awarded during The Civil War (3 words)
Scottish poet
U.S. President, first half of last century, the only Chief Exec born on July 4th
California island
American Samoa capital city (2 words)
"Bolero" Composer
All-time Major League Baseball run scorer
Chemistry device, ______ burner
Japanese city decimated by an atomic bomb in World War II
Another term for "tube"
Type of rock