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Chpt 1 History and Career Opportunities in Esthetics

Created remedies and grooming aids from materials found in their natural environment
The integration of surgical procedures and esthetic treatments
Period in Europen history between classical antiquity and the Renaissance
Skin Care Specialist
Ushered in nanotechnology
Dye obtained from the powdered leaves and shoots of the mignonette tree
Viewed the body as a temple
From the Greek word aesthetikos
Blended nature, animal, and self self into sophisticated and elaborate culture
The birth of the medical spa
Women of status bathed in strawberries and milk
The art on manipulating materials on an atomic or molecular scale
Modesty was greatly valued and makeup and showy clothing were discouraged
Brought about many changes in style, skin care, and innovation of the beauty culture
Famous for their baths
Western civilization made the transition from medieval to modern history
The first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion
Used olive and grapeseed oils to moisten and protect the skin