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Chemical Safety Crossword Puzzle

Yellow gloves are worn when working with ____ ____
Copies of the HAZCOM written program are available from the?
Primary container labeling for GHS labeling has this many elements
Printed copies of the SDS are available through this department?
Ensure that employers and employees know about work hazards and how to protect themselves against chemicals.
We have over this many chemicals at TPI?
A _______ is a graphical symbol to convey specific hazards visually
Corrosive material can damage skin and cause chemical _____?
Known as the SDS this document tell you what chemicals are in the products you are using.
Using dust collectors to prevent exposure is an example what type of control
Irritants one of the main types of hazards present at TPI include this material _______
Skull and cross bones indicate a acute toxicity which is a _____ _____
The last line of defense again chemical exposure is?
Four routes of exposure include: dermal, ingestion, injection, and _____
A type of physical hazard is: ______
A long sleeve shirt is worn when working with ___ _____