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7th Grade US History - Chapter 1 - Discovery of a New World

Sir ____ Raleigh was the English explorer who organized several colonizing expeditions to Roanoke Island, located off the coast of North Carolina
_______ Columbus was an Italian navigator who sailed west for the Spanish government in search of a quicker route to the Orient. Instead he discovered America.
Explorer who claimed North America for England
Belief that spirits live in both natural objects.
Spanish conquerors
_____ Indians were a group of Woodland Indians, inhabited the part of Virginia where the English decided to settle
Agreed to become servants to gain passage to the colonies, repay debts, or learn a trade.
Queen ____ I was the Queen of England who secretly encouraged Sir Francis Drake's pirating raids
French protestants
Group of daring English sea captains at the economic heart of Spanish power
Carved from large trees and depicted local legends and important events
Leif ____ was the son of Eric the Red; Viking adventurer who found a new land in the west and called it Vinland
Made of earth; filled with weapons, pottery, and jewelry; often used as tombs or as sites for religious ceremonies.
Man who helped Jamestown survive; a rough, hard-talking soldier who demanded obedience.
Jacques ____ was the French explorer who discovered the St. Lawrence River
_____ de La Salle was the Frenchman who claimed the Mississippi River and the land that it drained for France.
Winter of 1609-1610; a devastating time of terrible famine that plagued Jamestown
____ Ponce de Leon was the first Spaniard to explore Florida
Most famous "sea dog", sailed down the coast of South America, plundering Spanish ports and capturing treasure ships
The first permanent English settlement in North America
Constantly on the move in search of game and wild plants
Samuel _____ was the French explorer who founded Quebec and has been called the Father of New France
City founded by the Spanish; oldest permanent city settled by Europeans in the present United States
______ Vasquez de Coronado was a Spanish explorer who sought the fabled golden cities of Cibola; discovered the adobe villages of the Pueblo Indians.
House of _____ is the first representative assembly in America
Amerigo _____ is the Italian merchant and explorer who offered proof that the lands found by Columbus were not the Orient but instead a "new world". A German mapmaker included the new land on a map and named it America after him.
Norsemen, courageous seamen from northern Europe
Hernando ______ was a Spanish Conquistador who discovered the Mississippi River