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6th Grade World History - Chapter 1 - Turning Points in World History

The message that Jesus died for the sins of humans and has been raised again to save them forever.
Human culture as it is lived in cities or under the influence of cities
Roman emperor who began the first official Roman persecution of Christianity
The physical and mental environment developed through human thought and labor.
Nations having their own governments independent of other nations.
God's command to humans to exercise dominion over the earth; found in Genesis 1:28
Literally means "the anointed one" and refers to Jesus.
The belief in and worship of one God.
God's complete and permanent control over this world.
A very large group of people who share the same language, family history, land area, and culture.
_____ Covenant is the covenant that revealed God's plan to redeem humans, enabling them once again to have dominion as God intended.
Roman emperor who made Christianity the only recognized religion in the empire.
Jesus of _______ is the name of Jesus recorded in Scripture to designate the place where He spent most of His earthly life.
Cities that have their own governments, independent of those of other cities (even those within their own nation)
Byzantine ____ is the old eastern portion of the Roman empire.
The belief in and worship of many gods.
A council of church leaders that met in the year 325 to consider the deity of Christ.
The religion of the Jews thta developed during the five centuries BC.
Roman emperor under whom the last and most widespread Roman persecution of Christians occurred.
Ancient city of Byzantium that Constantine transformed into the new capital o the eastern portion of the Roman empire.
A decree by Constantine that put an end to almost three hundred years of Roman persecution.
____ Covenant is the covenant given in Jeremiah 31 that is actually a renewing of the previous covenants.
Roman emperor who converted to Christianity
_____ Covenant is the covenant with the children of Israel that promised God would make them His own special nation and would protect them if they promised to obey God's law.
A Roman name for peoples not part of Greek or Roman culture.
______ Covenant that revealed that David's descendants would play a key role in fulfilling the three promises of the Abrahamic Covenant.
A cultural institution in which humans who share certain core values work together to improve their quality of life.