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7th Grade US History - Chapter 2 - Settling the Thirteen Colonies

Colony settled by the Pilgrims
James ___ was the founder of Georgia.
A plant used to make valuable blue dye.
People who did not believe the Anglican Church could be purified so they choose to separate themselves from the church and hold their own worship service.
Thomas ___ was a pastor who led his congregation to what is now Connecticut and founded the town of Hartford.
____ colonies were colonies given by a king to individuals or groups; these men were called proprietors and could govern their colonies how they pleased.
A religious group who wanted to purify the Church of England.
Joint-_____ companies is a company whose stock is owned jointly by the shareholders.
______ Bay Company was a group of Puritans who were granted a royal charter in 1629 to settle in Massachusetts Bay.
Brother to King Charles II and founder of New York
Charter ____ are colonies established by a group of settlers who had been given a formal document allowing them to settle.
Lord John ____ was the co-founder of New Jersey.
____ Compact was an agreement written and signed aboard the Mayflower by the Pilgrims calling for a civil government; first self-government in the New World.
____ colonies are colonies under the direct control of the king.
William ___ was the second governor of Plymouth Colony.
Stockholders in the Massachusetts Bay Company.
New ______ is a colony founded by the Dutch in the New World. It became New York.
Peter ___ was the governor of New Netherland who bought Manhattan from the Native Americans.
Act of ____ is the Maryland law that forbade religious persecution.
Native American who helped with relation between the natives and the Pilgrims.
John ____ was the Puritan leader who became the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
_____ Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore, founded the colony of Maryland.
Sir George ___ was one of the proprietors who was given the southern part of the Duke of York's colony; he and his partner, Lord John Berkeley, named their colony New Jersey.
Recipients of large grants of land the Dutch promised to anyone who could bring 50 settlers to the New World.
Fundamental Orders of _____ is the first written constitution in America.
Henry ____ was an Englishman who explored for both England and the Netherlands and discovered the river that now bears his name.
An economic system by which wealth is measured by the amount of gold and silver a nation possessed.
A group of separatists who fled religious persecution and created the Mayflower Compact.
English dissenters who broke from the Church of England, preached a doctrine of pacifism, inner divinity, and social equity, under William Peen they founded Pennsylvania.
Roger ___ was a dissenter who clashed with the Massachusetts Puritans over separation of church and state and was banished in 1636, after which he founded the colony of Rhode Island to the south.
A document that gives the holder the right to organize settlements in an area.
New ___ is a settlement that became the colony of Delaware.
William ___ was a Quaker that founded Pennsylvania to establish a place where his people and others could live in peace and be free from persecution.