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Sarah Doyle Center Feminist Crossword Puzzle Challenge Fall 2020

Coined the term “reproductive justice.”
This girls’ troop is all about social justice (but they don’t sell cookies).
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, famous Nigerian-born author of We Should All be Feminists was featured in this hit song by Beyonce.
In Borderlands/La Frontera, Gloria Anzaldúa refers to this Aztec deity in constructing her theory of mestiza consciousness.
Native American author of the novel Ceremony.
The social and political system that places men and masculinity in positions of power over other gendered identities, especially women.
According to the Pembroke Center Oral History Collection, Sojourner House, an advocacy organization for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, was founded in part by which student organization?
Asian American activist who wants us to “Grow our Souls.”
Rhode Island feminist organization committed to reproductive justice.
Gloria Jean Watkins.
Self-identified drag queen and activist who was a prominent figure during the Stonewall Riots of 1969.
2020 is the centennial celebration of women’s ___________.
Using feminism and “empowerment” to sell products.
Groundbreaking book about women’s health and sexuality published in 1971.
A form of sexism that assumes that everyone identifies with the gender that they were assigned at birth and that this identity is the most legitimate.
Roswell Johnson is best known as the Director of Health Services at Brown who prescribed ___________.
This was the first historically Black sorority founded on Brown’s campus.
Chandra Mohanty’s critique.
___________-raising groups during the Women’s Liberation Movement were women’s-only spaces to discuss the experiences of sexism and to incite political action.
Publication whose name reclaims a derogatory term to critique popular culture through a feminist lens.
Audre Lorde’s new name.
___________ is a disability justice performance arts project that centers POC and LGBTQ/gender-variant artists.
Underground abortion collective from 1969-73.
Last name of the abolitionist and activist who gave a speech at a women’s right’s convention in 1851 called “Aint I a Woman” to address the unique challenges black women face grappling with racism and sexism.
___________ is not a luxury.
The ___________ metaphor is often used to denote watershed moments in feminist history.