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The Solar System and Relationships between Sun, Moon, and Earth

Inner are smaller/outer are much larger
What is missing if a planet does not have an atmosphere or water?
Day and night are caused when the Earth ____ on it's axis
Sun, Earth, Moon-Full moon
1 AU
Furthest planet from the sun
Earth and moon systems revolves around the ____
Earth is always ____ to one side as it goes around the sun
Force that attracts any object with mass
Earth Centered
This planet's is atmosphere is composed of Carbon Dioxide
The further away a planet is from the sun, the ___ the planet's orbital speed
Located between Mars and Jupiter
Does not reflect it's own light, it reflects the sun's light
Atmosphere is hydrogen, helium, and methane
All planets orbit in ellipses
Extremely high tides-occur during a full moon and a new moon
Only planet to support life
The Earth's ___ is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees
Sun, Earth, Moon
Red in color
Sun Centered
Moves around the sun
Moon and sun's gravitational pull
First quarter and last quarter moon phase
Universal Law of ___ every object is pulling on every other object in the entire universe
Make or become different
Very little atmosphere-Extreme temperatures
Very thick atmosphere
Inner planets are not as rocky. outer as gas
Force that keeps objects in our solar system orbiting the sun
Planets further away from the sun are generally _____
Second largest planet
Tendency to resist change
If the northern hemisphere is experiencing winter, what is the southern hemisphere experiencing?
The ocean has ___ high tides and low tides each day