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Luke Chapter 3

He was governor of Galilee (v1)
Part of John's advice to soldiers was to be __ with wages (v14)
Those desiring baptism experience , but not necessarily committing to repentance were referred to as a generation of __ (v7)
Which tetrarch did John rebuke for marrying his brother's wife (v19)
Jesus began His earthly ministry at approximately what age (v23)
Religious office held by Annas and Caiaphas (v2) (2 words)
John's preaching prepared this type of path for the Lord (v4)
Some thought they deserved baptism solely because they were descendants of this man (v8)
John's location when word of God came to him (v2)
John declared that a repentant life should yield this (v8)
John's preaching caused some to believe he could be the __ (v15)
Another word meaning governor (v1)
John's preaching fulfilled Old Testament prophecy of preparing the way for whom (v4)
John stated his baptism was with water. Someone mightier would baptize with the Holy Spirit and __ (v16)
He was Herod's brother (v1)
The message of John's baptism (v3)
He was John's father (v2)
At Jesus' baptism God called Jesus His __ Son (v22)
John began preaching in this area (v3)
At Jesus' baptism, the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of what (v22)