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Summary of American History: Beginnings to the 13 Colonies

The Maya were in the Yukatan Peninsula (T or F)*
First type of Europeans to discover Americas
Family name of Viking Explorer, Lief ________
Part of America where Indian Totem Poles where located*
First humans in America originally come from here
Viking name for Indians*
Local Indians around San Jose/Bay Area
Part of America known for the Plains Indians
________ City, modern site of where Azetcs once dwelt*
Where the Inca had their empire.
Connected to Alaska by a landbridge
Number of original great Indian civilizations in America
Where the Maya once dwelt
Indian Empire in South America
Indians from the Southwest of North America
Ancient Indian Empire from area of modern capital of Mexico
The forests where the Cherokee came from
Aztecs were in South America
Indians from the Eastern Woodlands
Ancient Indians from modern day Guatemala
Region of America where Indians are little known of