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World History Ch 1&2

One of the important rivers of the Fertile Crescent
Another name for the Flood of the Earth
The process of transmitting the cultural heritage of a people from one generation to the next
The way of life of a group of people
AD 500 to AD 1500
The first postdiluvian civilization
4000 BC to AD 500
Sumerians greatest contribution to civilization
An institution that uses authority and power to control, direct, and rule in the affairs of others
Groups developed by color of skin, size of head and color of hair
The most important Sumerian industry in terms of commercial activity
History's second great empire builder
Ancient western Asia where the Garden of Eden was located
A long poem written to tell a story of a historical hero
Temple towers constructed by Sumerians
The belief in one God
AD 1500 to Present
Eastern portion of the Fertile Crescent
Builder of the first world empire; descendant of Noah's son Ham