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6th Grade World History - Chapter 3 - Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa

A desert that covers most of Northern Africa
A narrow strip of land in Africa between the Sahara Desert and the rain forests.
An empire that developed from the city of Great Zimbabwe in southeast Africa in the 1300s.
Coastal kingdom in western Africa
A Coptic holy city in Ethiopia that contains churches carved in rock below ground level
A key port through which Zimbabwe's gold was transported North
Named assigned by the Greeks to the African kingdom of Aksum and other regions in Africa.
Kingdom in western Africa
A slave who rose to favor with the king of Aksum and introduced Coptic Christianity to the people.
Consisted of two or more African clans living together and sharing a common language, beliefs, and customs.
An African clan that did not worship many gods, but believed in one god, Ngai.
Kingdom in western Africa that was located between Mali and Ghana.
Belief that spirits live in physical objects
Largest family group in Africa
A trade language in Africa built upon the Bantu language
Flat grasslands in Africa
A name for Western Africa that derives from the gold trade that occurred at its coast.
A unique four-legged animal designed especially for a desert environment.
Important city in western Africa located on the Niger River
The most famous ruler of Mali; also converted to Islam.