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6th Grade World History - Chapter 2 - The Rise of Islam

Literally means "adherent" and refers to Muslims who believe that any worthy Muslim could become the ruler of Islam.
Name of the Muslim god which is an Arabic word meaning "the god"
Literally means "leader" and refers to a political and religious leader of Shia Islam or a religious leader of Sunni Islam
Islamic holy war
Another name for the revived Persian Empire
City that was a central place of Arab worship and was also Muhammad's birthplace
Muslim caliphate under which Islam experienced a renaissance.
Followers of Islam
Abu Bakr's campaign against Arabs who sought independence after Muhammad's death.
A chemical weapon used by the Byzantines against their enemies; chemical mixture that burned on impact and spread when doused with water.
Central Islamic practices affirming Islam, performing daily prayers, almsgiving, fasting, and making a pilgrimage to Mecca.
The holy month of Islam
The new capital of the Muslim Empire under the Abbassid dynasty.
Islamic leader; title Abu Bakr took after Muhammad's death, from an Arab word that means "to succeed"
A small oasis where Muhammad and his followers fled.
Literally means "submission"; the religion founded by Muhammad
Literally means "follower" and refers to Muslims who insist that the right to rule was limited to descendants of Muhammad
Sacred Islamic book that records Muhammad's visions
A stone building in Mecca that was once used for pagan rituals but is now a sacred Muslim site toward which all Muslims pray.
Islamic law
The new capital of the Muslim Empire under the Umayyads.
Ruler of the Franks (French) that led an army to stop the advance of the Muslim forces in Europe
Pertaining to the Eastern Roman Empire
Muslim dynasty that moved the capital of the empire to Damascus
Muhammad's flight from Mecca to Medina.
Collection of writings about Muhammad's life, including what he said, what he did, and what he approved.