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Grammar! And ridiculous clues.
What a charge could sound like
Minced meat
90s malternative
Pivoting keels on the sides of a sailboat
Unique or extraordinary, to Brits
4,840 square yards
From ____ ____ green (two words)
Legion Light Warbeast in Warmachines & Hordes
Punctuation mark denoting surprise and inquisitiveness
It makes pot pot
Feed for horses and humans
Maker of pieces
Org. that dictates how high your fence can go, for example
Clean vigorously
What bees are known to do
Home away from home
Shriek of surprised terror
Greek prefix for through, across, or between
"This party's so fun! I wish it didn't have to ___ ___ early!" (two words)
"Do you like gym class?" "Yes, I find Phys ___ ___." (two words)
An attempt
Scottish or Irish Gaelic language
Console for playing Mario Bros.
One of three periods
Entrance exam in Australia and New Zealand that was replaced by the UCAT
Comedian Bill
Popular berry
Punctuation mark between two complete clauses when you want them in one sentence
Some recipes are peppered with it
Describes a room no one's been in
"You are," to a Spaniard
A letter
A silvery-white metal
One who believes he or she has equal opportunity to achieve the highest goals (Two words)
One of two brackets, briefly
Member of the birch family which has toothed leaves
What Elvis would have if he replaced blue with red, say? (Three words.)
"I'll ___ ___ it." (Two words)
Perpendicular to a row in MS Excel
It helps keep the food hygenic
A response to the query "How old is that container of ashes?" from someone who doesn't give a whit. (Five words.)
Sound of disapproval
Animals of a specified kind
A viscous substance
Japanese corporation that makes TASCAM, among other products
What websites make you agree to when you register, for short
Horace's ___ Poetica
How you might colloquially turn down your sweetie (two words)
Describes a kind of remark
Becomes pals with
Contained within Benzoylchlorid
Gorbachev's frmr. nation
___ & Stacey (90s sitcom)
May follow the statement "You Curly, perhaps?
A shorter way of referencing your friend Robert Evans
Bodies of water
A more inclusive perspective than you, you
Where you order from
Ham's first name
Pronoun often punctuated incorrectly
Like Aves. And Rds.