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Luke Chapter 12 Part II verses 35-57

The servant who knew his master's will and chose not to do it will be __ with many stripes (v47)
Regardless of timing for the master's return, __ are the servants found serving and watching. (v38)
Jesus Christ's millennial kingdom will bring peace. But until then serving the Lord will create __ among people (v51)
We are to be ready for the Lord's return at a time when we __ __ (40) (2 words)
Upon his return, what will the master do for his servants (v37) (2 words)
The lord of the house wanted to appoint a servant as ruler of his estate. Qualifications of that servant were that he must be __ __ __ (v42) (3 words)
Jesus called the people __ for discerning weather, but not discerning times in the world around them (v56)
Blessed were those servants whom the master found __ for his return (v37)
__ is the servant found working when the Lord returns (v43)
Jesus illustrated diligence in preparation for His return by constantly having our __ girded and __ burning (v35) (2 words)
On the way to judgement, Jesus urged people to give __ to avoid judgement (v58)
Jesus Christ will judge the earth with __ (v49)
Be __ for the Son of Man will come at a time when we think not (v40)