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Lloyd Bridges

A crossword puzzle by your friend Lex Friedman.
Certain military servicepeople, briefly
Used in road making
PA city with NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA teams
Got ready to eat
Christopher Lloyd film
One who lives in Jerusalem, say
Floral neckware
____ Lanka
Higher ed. school in Tallahassee
With "My," Christopher Lloyd film
"Would you describe me as fat ______?" (two words)
Homophonic name meaning "divine"
A village in Greece
Foisted love upon to a foolish degree (rarer spelling)
Subject for future doctors to focus on at Uni
"The Loom," in Spanish
Christopher Lloyd Film
Not a bro
Suffix often attached to countries to identify their citizens of language
What actors might consider their roles?
Another descriptor for Christopher Lloyd, given his work in video games
It's a part of a series
A crime of betrayal
Often follows "mai"
Neither this ___ that
Option when there's no seats left, for short
Likely (to)
A kind of coat
Extinct airline
It's shorter than a min
Kid-friendly tater variants
Love, to Juan
What a chef does after adding seasoning
Early exam, briefly
Related to top quality music, say
_____ A Spell On You (two words)
It's an animal that starts out silent
___ The Land of the Free
One exists to joy?
Move quickly from the mountaintop down, while cold
French diminutive suffix
Where you are right now
Pop/hip-hop band with hits like "Summer Girls"
A pain, sometimes after swimming
They are sometimes tickled?
2016 Mcrobin song
Popular beach footwear
A French single?
____ laminae (in the spinal cord)
"Every man _____", from Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida (two words)
German first name, or shorthand for bidding the constructor farewell
Pole variant
They are sometimes just?
Deli request
This clue is as clever ________ (two words)
Cause to become stuck, as in mud
Devices for cooling you down, briefly
Kings of ____
A type of list
Played Inga in Young Frankenstein
A brand of chocolate sandwich cookie
CNN and PBS are each one
Dog doc
Exclamation that can accompany plate smashing
Between "Lady" and "Tramp"
Wet thoroughly
It goes off with a bang?