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7th Grade US History - Chapters 3 & 4

Local army
Household in which the father was the head over everyone
A local church community
Upper class
Triangular ____ is a sytem in which goods and slaves were traded among the Americas, Britain, and Africa
Land along coastal rivers and inlets
Undeveloped area at the edge of the settled areas
Puritans in New England who believed that the members of church congregations should have a say in the church
_______ Whitefield founded the Bethesda Orphan House in Savannah
A movement that emphasized science and reason as the only reliable ways to find truth
_____ Davies was the greatest figure in the Great Awakening in Virginia
______ Edwards was a preacher during the First Great Awakening; "Sinners in the hands of an angry God"
______ Farmers are farmers who raise just enough crops and livestock to provide for their families
_______ Rebellion is a rebellion lead by Nathaniel Bacon with back country farmers to attack Native Americans in an attempt to gain more land.
A popular Enlightenment era belief that there is a God, but that God isn't involved in people's lives or in revealing truths to prophets
The Great _______ is a wave of nearly 10,000 immigrants settling in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the colony's first ten years
Natural _____ is population growth measured as the excess of live births over deaths; does not reflect either immigrant movements
Large farms
System used to teach trades
Middle ____ is the African's journey to the New World
______ Awakening is a religious revival in the American colonies of the eighteenth century during which a number of new Protestant churches were established.
Movement that denies the doctrine of the Trinity and proposes the "unity" of God
David _____ is the best known missionary to the Indians
Freemen; free adult white male property owners
_____ Phillip's War was a war between the Native American tribes of New England and British colonists that took place from 1675-1676. The war was the result of tension caused by encroaching white settlers. The chief of the Wampanoags, King Phillip lead the natives. The war ended Indian resistance in New England and left a hatred of whites.
____ War was a conflict between English settlers and Pequot Indians over control of land and trade in eastern Connecticut
______ College is the first institution of higher learning in America