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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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It's About Time

_____ All That
City in western Syria, also known as Homs
Chinese poet Tao ____
Spelling alternative?
Tiny pieces of substance
It's near the radius
____ Almirola (stock car racing driver)
They are a lot of nothing
Popular 80s time travel film
Stare at
German grandmothers
__________ The Balance (Ricardo Montalban starrer)
Famous Dr.
Jerry's nemesis
A theater award, or an adjective you might use to describe such a fancy award
The first pope to be called "the great"
"I know this much is ____"
Mini car?
A rubber used in polishing marble.
"You look hungry. ______ sandwich."
At any time
"I've seen a lot of movies about aliens, like ____, ____ al."
Suffix used with "auction"
Biz deg
34-down, for short
Equal Access / Equal Opportunity, for short
Spanish other
Frequently-heard line in a time loop movie
Compete up close and hold your own, say
Pennsylvania city on a lake of the same name
Meet James _______ (They Might Be Giants song)
Something that you might hitch?
Kaczynski and Bundy, for two
Neighborhood in Drážov, Czechia
Injure, as with a pencil
Wedding ring?
____ Clapton
"I'm so _____ _____ ______!"
Blood clots
Expelled magma
Name shared by a settlement in Greenland and a district in India
Seating area between the D region and the F region, for short
Easiest way to get something, perhaps
What Dr. Seuss often did, besides write his books
A male ant
Nose, to Hans
Journalist Brit ____
Ali "The Greatest Ever" Raymi, for short
"Sit right back and you'll hear ___ _____."
One of Donald Duck's nephews
How some salespeople worked, pre-COVID
The ______ Limits
Butcher's wares
____ Stignani (1903–1974), Italian opera singer
43-across, for long
Fixed a computer, maybe?
Clear skies
A genus of pirate spiders, or a Spanish suffix
Third-person singular simple present indicative of a word for "earlier"
"Oh! Now ___ ______ it!"
Drink to excess
River in Japan, flowing into the Shinano
Gov agency for keeping planes, trains, and the like safe
What water might do
"You've _____ your last haw!"