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Cats at Play

Week One
To surprise your prey
Your cat might surprise you with how high they can do this.
Create one of these for your cats entertainment.
This one will try to get you...
Cat, if you want to get scientific about it.
A way to both care for and bond with your cat.
These companions were domesticated a long time before cats.
What you use to do your thinking.
If you don't comb your cat it will get one of these.
One reason why play is good for indoor cats.
This kind of toy is a safer way for cats to play.
Bird of prey, will attack wild cats.
_____ pointers are a fun toy.
Use a soft one around a cat's face or for a cat with a short coat.
A quick darting movement will trigger cats to want to ______.
When domestic cat sees a toy mouse they pretend they are a mighty_____.
You might call your house cat this, but probably not a tiger.
Rodents like this are a favorite prey of all kinds of cats.
A small rodent, similar to a mouse.
This kind of cat should stay indoors to protect its good looks.
Good for getting out knots.
Not a house cat a....
It isn't surprising that this animal will eat cats in the wild, its relative likes to chase cats in the house!
Wild cats do this both to be safe from predators and stalk their prey.
Cats who live in our homes.
Domestic cats and wild cats are ______.
This one will run away...
Even though cats love this it isn't safe for them to play with.
Cats that have gone back to the wild.