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Legal History

System upon which Napoleonic code and Justinian law are based
Body that interprets the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
A proposed Law
Fighting, burning at the stake or drowning as a legal remedy
Sharia law inspired professional interpreters of Law
The Law of Moses
Where Hammurabi was king
What this crossword is
When a Bill in introduced to the House of Commons
Modern Babylon
Public hearings to thoroughly debate a Bill
Trudeau's political party
Trudeau's Dream
Final stage when a Bill becomes Law
One of the rivers of Babylon
King who signed the Magna Carta
The other river of Babylon
Upper House of Parliament
Language of the Magna Carta
System which forms the basis of Quebec 's legal code
PM who proposed a Bill of Rights
Harsh Greek Legal system
Birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed
Show me the body in Latin
........ until proven guilty
All are subject to this
Place where the Magna Carta was signed
Written Language of Babylon
Interpreter of Sharia law
Event which brought Sharia law to Europe
Lower House of Parliament
Maximum number of times a Bill is voted upon in the Commons
Upper house of Parliament
Within the Law of the land
A group of your peers who judge you according to the Magna Carta