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BMFI Online Film Discussions, Pt. 2

Bogie plays against type as Dixon Steele in this film (four words)
Eclectic French director of westerns, horror, and OUT OF THE PAST (two words)
Individual liberty is pitted against the common good in this Elia Kazan film (two words)
12 ANGRY MEN is the debut of this legendary director (two words)
Absurd pratfalls and stylistic wit mix in this Sturges screwball (three words)
A touchstone in Native American filmmaking (two words)
Early Hitchcock thriller set on the rails (three words)
Wind, an owl, and a car crash, are heard in this Philly-based film (two words)
A suburbanite retelling of the Odyssey (two words)
BMFI instructor with the most discussion appearances (two words)