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7th Grade US History - Chapter 5 - American Colonies in the British Empire

The _______ Act required colonial businessmen and lawyers to purchase special stamps and place them on items that were taxed.
Boston ______ was an incident in 1770 in which British troops fired on and killed American colonists.
______ Acts placed taxes on such items as glass, paper, lead, and tea
Quartering ____ of 1765 required colonists to house British troops in barracks, stables, taverns, and empty buildings and provide them with firewood, salt, and drinks.
First battle of the American Revolution.
Boston _____ was a 1773 protest against British taxes in which Boston colonists disguised as Indians dumped valuable tea into Boston Harbor.
Writs of _____ were general search warrants
King ___ III was the King of England.
Committee of ____ was a group that was organized to promote resistance to Britain.
James ____ was the British general whose success in the Battle of Quebec won Canada for the British.
Paul ____ was one of three minutemen who helped warn colonists about British movements.
The strongest confederation of Indian tribes in America.
George ____ was the leader of the Virginia troops sent to protect the Virginians building a fort at the site where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers joined to form the Ohio River.
British destroyed military supplies and skirmished with the colonial militia.
First ____ Congress was delegates from all colonies except Georgia who met to discuss problems with Britain and to promote independence.
____ and Indian War is the war in which the French and the Indians joined forces against the British and the colonists in America.
The ______ Act placed duties (taxes on imported goods) on such items as sugar, molasses, coffee, silks, and indigo.
William ____ was the British secretary of state during the French and Indian War who energetic leadership brought a dramatic change in the war.
Youngest and most energetic militiamen who were ready to fight at a moment's notice.
Ottawa Indian chief who wanted to stop expansion into the western frontier
_____ and Trade Acts controlled trade between the colonies and Britain's foreign rivals.
Patrick ___ said, "Give me liberty or give me death"
The Albany Plan of ______ was a plan proposed by Benjamin Franklin that called for the creation of a grand council made up of delegates from all the colonies that would have the power to raise an army, build forts, and govern Indian affairs.
Fort ____ was the French fort at the site where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers joined to form the Ohio River.
____ Act allowed French law to be used in civil cases in Quebec, extended Quebec's borders south to the Ohio River, recognized Roman Catholicism as the leading religion in Quebec.
The ___ Acts are a series of laws passed in 1774 to punish Boston for the Tea Party.
Edward _____ was the British general who was defeated near Fort Duquesne
_____ of 1763 forbade colonists to go west of the Appalachians
Stamp Act ____ was a meeting of delegations from many of the colonies, the congress was formed to protest the newly passed Stamp Act. It adopted a declaration of rights as well as sent letters of complaints to the king and parliament, and it showed signs of colonial unity and organized resistance.
Samuel _____ was one of the most famous leader of colonial opposition
Benjamin ____ created the Albany Plan of Union
Marquis de ____ was the French commander at the Battle of Quebec.
The Sons of __________ were a group of colonists who organized and held rallies to protest the Stamp Act.