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History U3 L2 "The Middle Colonies"

People from Scotland shared ___ ideas with their German neighbors.
William Penn called his 1st settlement Philadelphia which means "the city of ___ love".
These owners appointed the governors of the Middle Colonies and ran them like a business.
Swedes in the Middle Colonies taught their neighbors how to build cabins out of ___.
Native Americans taught the colonist how to hunt ___ in the Atlantic Ocean near Long Island.
New ___ is now present-day New York City
William Penn belonged to the religious group called the Society of Friends, or ___.
These people were wealthy Dutch men who agreed to bring 50 people to a Middle Colony.
On page 110 of your textbook, there is a painting of William Penn's Treaty with the Indians. What was the painter's last name?
Shipbuilders built ___ that could be used on the East Coast waters of the Atlantic.