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Dog Training

Dog Training
Primary training tool used to reward dog for obedience
This is most effective when dog has energy and is hungry
Number of times per day to conduct training
Most important requirement for successful dog training
Training this behavior involves crate, outside & free time
This command is the best form of control
Tackle only one new one per day of training
Small plastic cones are used for training this command involves small plastic cones
Training this behavior involves the gateway to dog’s beloved outdoors
Command especially important for puppies & big dogs
This command could be a lifesaver
A penny bottle & treats are used for training this behavior
Command involving dog’s bottom
Dog group originally bred to assist hunters in retrieving game
Dally tool used to track dog’s training progress
Spending time around other dogs
Primary training tool held in trainer’s hand
Primary training tool secured on dog
Training for this behavior involves redirecting to another object
Training for this command starts in a STAY position
Lack of this is the root of most dogs’ behavioral problems
Age in months obedience training can begin
Dogs are descendants of this wild animal
Training for this command starts with dog in corner
Place this in a hole & cover with dirt to prevent digging