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Backwards and Forwards

A puzzle by Lex Friedman
Windows predecessor
Joined by having grown together
The Japanese name for plants like hollyhock and wild ginger
Belonging to the capital of South Korea
A rich source of something
Declaration about a conductor's stick's lack of fruitiness?
"Don't ________"!
Spoon bender Geller
Non-profit, nonpartisan professional organization for public and private sector members of the United States Intelligence Community, in brief
A popular pentameter style
Most likely to rat out?
One, in Greek
What FedEx or UPS could be called?
Eliminate my S, sorta?
Wartime intelligence agency of the US during WW2
Phrase that can extend any 43-across by doubling it?
Opia song title that's a TLA indicating the listener can't comprehend
From Dragonball, a Saiyan who appears in Nekomajin
Fore person?
How fans refer to the game Clash of Clans
A clue to how one might identify the other shaded answers
Virginia Tech players
Mississippi city (and the county seat of Tishomingo Count)
The practice of advancing clocks in warmer months, initially
Vehicular tautology?
Nickname for a charming area of Louisville, KY
Famous Thurman
Not buy
Angry first responder, maybe?
Name closely linked with Talks
What the crowd might say in unison after a magic trick
One who is just waiting to be attacked, perhaps
Unpopular insulation
How you might start a letter to your cooling system?
____ of the above
A village in American Samoa
Toulon-Hyères Airport's unexpected IATA code
Why Jacob didn't necessarily deserve Isaac's birthright?
Something one might stake
Things often proceed without furtherance of this
Where lions live or kids might play
"Oh, cool!"
Remain unchosen, perhaps?
Not outdoors
Nickname for some Cassandras
23 ______
Holy Xylophonists Entering Neat Libraries, for short
How a precious seven year old might indicate her age, Romantically
"I've got my ______ you."
TV show starring Dulé Hill
Prepare turkey?
Remove, by rubbing hard
That emoji where the thumb and index finger make a circle while the other fingers remain raised?
Mexico currency
A single-celled alga which has a cell wall of silica
An extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque scene
A common fish (Olisthops cyanomelas) that resembles a wrasse and is found in Australian coastal waters
"Don't ____" (Twitter directive)
Brandon _____ (Chicago Blackhawks player)
They may be colloquially described as "of steel"
One of five on a foot
Like olive or sesame
Pie _____ mode
Sulfadimidine, for short