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6th Grade World History - Chapter 6 - Emergence of European Culture

Document limiting royal power that English nobles forced King John to sign.
National language, such as French or German
Legal process developed in the Middle Ages whereby a group of local citizens made lists of accusations before a circuit judge arrived to hear them.
Began as a group of advisors for the king and became a formal legislative body composed of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
Studies taught in medieval universities for the nobility.
___ Warm Period is the warming of the climate in Europe in the beginning of the 11th century.
____ Years' War was a series of battles to settle the issue of English control of land in France.
Became the sole ruler of the Frankish kingdom
Geoffrey ____ was the English poet who wrote The Canterbury Tales.
Roman Catholic seizure of Spain and Portugal from the Muslims.
Term derived from "banca" ("bench"), which was a meeting place for transacting financial business & from which a banking system developed.
Large & impressive churches
A plaque during the Middle Ages.
Peasant girl who rallied the French during the Hundred Years' War.
A series of military expeditions originally intended to liberate the Holy Land and defeat infidels.
William the ____ laid the foundation for a strong monarchy through his conquest of England.
That which is related to the pope, as in "papal authority"
____ of credit enabled people to travel without carrying large sums of money.
Uniform laws for all of England.
A list of accusations.
An estate on which most people lived under feudalism.
____ courts were developed by Henry II; judges heard cases in a particular province (circuit) of England.
_____ III was the English king who also claimed the right to the French throne.
Term that literally means "papa" and gradually became a title of the bishop of Rome.
The Great ____ of 1315 was the calamity that struck a large area of Europe caused by much rain, rotting crops, and a lack of salt to preserve meat.
A code or strict set of rules for a knight.
Leader of a Frankish kingdom that used military force and other means to combine several kingdoms.
____ Alighieri was the Italian who wrote the Divine Comedy.